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Working together

If you are fed up of feeling stressed, exhausted and frequently telling yourself  that you will get round to taking the first step to sort out your health , then now is your opportunity to work with me and achieve optimal health.

As a Nutritionist I love getting to know how people's history and how their health and lifestyle choices have led them to where they are today. I work using evidence based research and a functional medicine approach which looks at the whole person rather than a specific system. There is no ‘one size fits all’ lifestyle plan. Each of my clients will receive a bespoke plan after a thorough health analysis. 

Do you…

  • Feel exhausted frequently? Suffer with anxiety, depression? Find it hard to get to sleep or stay asleep?

  • Suffer with PMS, moods?

  • Suffer with digestive issues such as bloating, reflux, IBS?

  • Have brain fog? Find it hard to concentrate?

  • Have achy joints, muscle fatigue?

  • Feel overwhelmed?

  • Crave sugar and caffeine constantly?

  • Feel like you need some time out from the rat race?

  • Love some support and feel energised and happy again?

All these symptoms are in fact the body using its healing mechanisms and we need to get to the root cause of this. Book a free 15 minute call to see whether we can work together and how I can help.


Contact details      Tel: 07779 017 077

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"It was in my early fifties when I began to experience severe menopausal symptoms, which made working full time very difficult. Sam gave me a nutritional protocol and I’ve never looked back. I now feel I have my life back and just wish I had realised earlier that experiencing menopause can, with some lifestyle and dietary changes,  be completely minimised. The plan has definitely given me a new lease of life and I can’t thank Sam enough."

— Kathy

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