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Through the year

I run a selection of programmes throughout the year (see highlighted section) from 10 days resets to 4 week programmes.

- 10 Day Metabolic Reset in April and Sept

- Summer Body Confidence Programme in June

- Hormonal Reset Programme in Oct

- January Detox - Jan

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I offer a variety of packages and will always advise on what is best suited to you based on your current symptoms.

Health Package


An initial consultation and 3 follow ups taken fortnightly to help support you and achieve optimal health. You will also receive email support, a personalised nutrition and Supplements plan, meal plans and recipes.


Hormone Package


This package includes a world leading comprehensive urine hormone test, called the DUTCH test, to see how your hormones and other metabolites are working.


Gut Health Package


This package includes the ultimate gut health and microbiome stool test supplying a comprehensive analysis of the Gastrointestinal Ecosystem and chronic disease related microbial markers. 


Health Check Package


This package includes a comprehensive blood screening test for overall health. 


Full Health MOT

£1, 495

This is the Gold standard package which will include the following;

- DUTCH test

-GI Ecologix Test

- Comprehensive blood screening

-Initial Consultation with 4 follow ups

-Personalised email support

-Personalised Nutrition and Supplements Plan

- Meal Plan and recipes

Other Services

Dutch Interpretation

If you would like to take the DUTCH hormone test, I can offer a service where I can help you interpret the results and provide a few simple changes to your diet to help.

7 & 14 Day
Bespoke meal plan

If you are wondering where to start if you have a new symptom or diagnosis, you are on a restrictive diet or are just needing some help then maybe this bespoke meal plan service is for you.

If you are unsure which package is most appropriate for you I'd be happy to talk you through the options.
"Sam explained (thankfully in layman’s terms!) what was going on with my body and how through nutrition we could help alleviate my symptoms. Sam’s advice, guidance and friendly manner really helped me and has made such a difference to my well being which has had very positive impact on my every day life and, by extension, my family's too. Thank you Sam!"

— Sally

Contact details      Tel: 07779 017 077

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