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The consultation process

I use the latest evidence based research in nutrition and lifestyle medicine with a functional medicine based approach to restore optimal health. My approach will take into account your genetic make up, history, food choices and environment. Together we can achieve and restore optimal health. 
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I will discuss what package is best suited for you in our initial chat and whether I recommend any functional tests.

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Pre Consultation


Once your initial consultation appointment is confirmed and any tests needed discussed, you will be sent some forms to be completed and returned at least 48 working hours before your consultation. These will include a health questionnaire, terms of engagement and privacy policy.

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The Initial Consultation

Approx 60-90 minutes

We will establish health concerns, goals and priorities. I will clarify and expand on your health questionnaire to include all aspects of your health and lifestyle. We will discuss your food and lifestyle habits and any preferences you have or things to avoid. I will also go over any test results with you.

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Bespoke Nutrition Plan & Education 

Within 48hrs & 20 min face-to-face or virtual

  • I will prepare your bespoke nutrition and lifestyle plan, which can include;

    • Supplements

    • Referral letters to GP for laboratory testing or other healthcare practitioners

    • Further laboratory testing options 

  • We will discuss the plan, ensure you are clear about why these changes are being recommended, address any questions and set time scales and future strategy

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Follow up Consultation 

Approx 45-60 mins

  • Review your goals, priorities and celebrate the progress made

  • Update any health concerns or changes

  • Discuss any tests carried and adjust plan accordingly

  • Adjust your bespoke nutrition and lifestyle plan

  • Focus on new goals and priorities

"Sam explained (thankfully in layman’s terms!) what was going on with my body and how through nutrition we could help alleviate my symptoms. Sam’s advice, guidance and friendly manner really helped me and has made such a difference to my well being which has had very positive impact on my every day life and, by extension, my family's too. Thank you Sam!"

— Sally

Contact details      Tel: 07779 017 077

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