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Gut Health Package

This package includes the ultimate gut health and microbiome stool test supplying a comprehensive analysis of the Gastrointestinal Ecosystem and chronic disease related microbial markers. It looks at the gut microbiome from a single stool sample.

The GI Ecologix test from Invivo looks at the following biomarkers;

— Parasites and Viruses

  • Health markers for inflammation, immune system, digestion, gut barrier health and occult blood

  • Beneficial and pathogenic bacteria

  • Yeast and fungal markers


Along with a 12 week programme including an initial consultation and 3 follow ups to help support you and achieve optimal health. You will also receive email support, a personalised nutrition and Supplements plan, meal plans and recipes.


Is this for you?

Do you have digestive issues? Bloating? Gas? Acid Reflux? Abdominal pain? IBS? IBD? Constipation? Diarrhoea? Anxiety? Brain Fog? Depression?

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